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License Agreement

Sells Goalkeeping Academy License Agreement.

Sells Goalkeeping Academy License Agreement.

Andy Marshall SGA Team


Sells goalkeeping Academy Franchise for website.


Sells Goalkeeping Academy are very pleased to announce that we are now able to offer license agreements for qualified coaches. After spending two years developing a marketing strategy to fully maximise the Sells name we have now reached a point where we are able to open up the brand. Due to the high demand from keepers contacting SGA for new centres we are now in a position to immediately offer opportunities to coaches to start working with SGA.

To become a SGA coach either call us on (01487) 832390 or email us on



Benefits of working with SGA:


·      Working with one of the largest goalkeeping brands in the world, with endorsees across the globe.

·      Owning your own business whilst being supported by a team of professionals from the football world.

·      Opportunities to coach at top class training facilities when we run our professional coaching events, as well as running weekly centres.

·      A dedicated team in the office who are always on hand to help you with your marketing and coaching, as well as helping you run your business.

·      Our own marketing team will help you get your business started, and teach you the correct ways of marketing your courses.

·      SGA will coach you up as a coach to the professional level that is required by a professional football club. In turn allowing you to coach your keepers at a higher level.

·      Links directly into professional clubs allowing talented keepers opportunities to become professionals.

·      The potential to earn commission on goalkeepers that are talented enough to be taken on by professional clubs.  

·      SGA own marketing material to help you promote yourself and your course includes leaflets, business cards, posters, envelopes, headed paper.

·      Your own facebook and twitter pages for your venue.

·      Your own page on the SGA website to promote your courses, as well as being able to update this page with useful information.

·      Inclusion in the SGA newsletter.

·      SGA will automatically market your course at the end of every Ten weeks allowing you the chance to receive early bookings for your next courses.

·      Sells branded goalkeeper gloves and clothing.

·      Plus many more benefits.



Why Choose SGA.


Apart from the points above, sells is seen in the professional football world as an elite brand. You currently have a team of premier league professional goalkeepers running SGA with a team of professionals in the office. The professional goalkeepers you see plying their trade week in and week out is what we are coaching at our centres. SGA is about delivering the best coaching techniques caught in the best business model.



SGA ideal coach.


·      who is dedicated and passionate about goalkeeping.

·      Willing to learn and open up your mind to coaching on the field new and bright ideas.

·      Who is trustworthy and can relied upon.

·      Who has a desire and willingness to go the extra yard for their keepers.

·      Who has a willingness and desire to be firstly the best coach they can and secondly the best boss they can. 

·      Level two or higher FA qualified and CRB checked and first aid trained. (These will need to be produced and will be checked). After all we would not leave our children with an unqualified person so nor should the parents of our keepers. Any unqualified persons who wish to coach for SGA we can help you get these qualifications.

·      No age restrictions.

·      Either male or female.

·      Needs to be flexible with your coaching hours.



What is the process.


·      Contact SGA with regards to becoming a SGA License holder.

·      You will be asked to produce a CV of yourself.

·      Depending on your qualification level for goalkeeping SGA will then arrange a meeting with Andy Marshall and yourself over the phone.

·      SGA will send you a detailed overview of what is involved in becoming a SGA coach.

·      You will be invited to attend a SGA centre where we can look at you coach, as well as allowing you to see how we coach. This will allow us to then assess what you need to improve on (if anything).

·      If at this point both parties are in agreement to finalise the agreement, contracts will then be exchanged and SGA will begin the process of helping you set up your own SGA centre.

·      Our marketing team will be on hand to help you set up your first centre giving you details on how to conduct yourself whilst marketing your centre.





·      Sells has fast become one of the biggest and best brands in the world of goalkeeping. To follow suit we at SGA want to recruit the best possible coaches we can. To enable SGA to grow not only in stature but in quality we need dedicated coaches that are passionate about goalkeeping the same way we are. Unfortunately we do have to charge a small fee to hold a SGA license, but when looking at the benefits that SGA offer in comparison this is money well spent. Upon applying for a SGA license all costs will be explained.





We at SGA are striving to improve the level of goalkeeping coaching right from an early age. This is why we have set about our Licensing agreements differently from anyone else. We at SGA strongly believe that coaching the correct basic fundamentals to give a platform for keepers to build on is paramount. Far to often these points are overlooked giving no basic foundations to a goalkeeper. If you feel you have what it takes to take your goalkeeping coaching to the next level, helping improve the level of goalkeepers then please contact SGA by either telephone on (01487) 832390 or alternatively email us at