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Robert Greens Diet Diary 's Diet Diary

Sunday Recovery Day

Robert Green's Diet Diary

3rd December 2010

Greenys Food Diary

Busy today as i need to load up on food for a game.

9.00am Porridge with Honey/Fresh Orange Juice
-Match day today so need to make sure that i get a good start.

Pre-Match Meal
11.45am Spaghetti with Turkey mince & Tomato based sauce, whole meal bread Toast. One pot of Tea with Semi Skimmed Milk. This will set me up for the match, as i have a long time before i eat again.

1PM Couple of Bananas.
On the Bus to the game i have a bottle of water

2.20pm Bottle of Lucozade. Then i have my warm up for the game

2.50pm One bottle of water with 60Ml smart Caffiene energizer gel. This gives me a energy boast to get me through the first half.

3.00pm Game On

3.48pm Half Time and a bottle of Lucozade.

4.55pm One bottle of SIS Rego Recovery Shake (Chocolate). This is taken straight after a game as quicker we can get food and drink into us after a game, the better it is for us as players.

5.30pm Penne Pasta with Chicken with a bottle of water. This is taken at the club or on the coach on the way home.

7.30pm Lean Fillet Steak with mushrooms, potatoes and tomatoes, with apple pie and a pot of tea. This is taken at home or if i go out for a meal at a restaurant